Our experience is based on a 40 years tradition in equipping all kinds of railway vehicles with wheel sets. KOLOWAG has its own design department responsible for new designs, finite element analyses, noise calculations and laboratory testing of prototypes.
for freight wagons
(920mm diameter of the wheels)
  • 40 ton, axle load
  • 25 ton, axle load
  • 23.5 ton, axle load
  • 20 ton, axle load
  • Wheelsets for freight wagons with brake discs.
  • Wheelsets for freight wagons with special thick protection coating 4-5mm.
  • Wheelsets with small diameter (f.e. 730mm, 760mm) of the wheels.
for passenger trains
(920mm diameter of the wheels)
  • Wheelsets for high speed trains
  • Wheelsets for Bogie Y32
  • Wheelsets for EMU and DMU trains
  • Wheelsets for Metro-trains
  • Wheelsets for tramway
  • Driven wheelsets for gear box
  • Wheelset for narrow gauge trains (f.e. 760mm gauge)
  • Wheesets for rail-maintenance vehicles
The quality of every wheel we make is supervised during both metallurgical and forging production stages. Steel quality is guaranteed by our Quality Assurance Inspectors, who personally inspect every produced lot of wheel forgings with laboratory tests –both chemical and mechanical.
Machining Processes
  • Mechanical machining of the whole surface of the rough/black wheel
  • Static balance of wheels
  • Magnetic particle test of wheel
  • Fully robotised stand for Ultrasonic test, automatic printout of the results in protocol.
  • Drilling of oil opening
  • Machining of bore for axle
  • Coating with high quality paints according the requirements of the different standard e.g VPI
Reference Standarts
EN13262; EN13979-1 - UIC510-5; TSI-WAG
  • Axles for standart freight wagon wheelsets EA1N steel grade
  • Axles for locomotive wheelsets EA4T steel grade
  • Powered axles
  • Axles for gear boxes
  • Axles with additional seats
  • Small diameter axles for trams wheelsets
  • Axles with special protection coating (silicon based)
EN13261, EN13103-1; TSI-WAG